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I have recently acquired a Remington Model 31 TC Pump (S/N #89980 - barrel stamp is 'XSS' which I gather from RSo A is December 1947???

) & Remington Model 11-48 Auto (S/N #5066113 - barrel stamp is 'PYY-3 AYY' - January 1952??? They appear to be in pretty decent condition for their age (at least better than what I've found on other online auctions and chat rooms).

I have no idea what either is worth and I'm not sure if I should get them appraised/insured, spend the money to perform the minor refurb to make 100%, go ahead and shoot them in the field or trade for something else. Remington Model 31A Slide action, made in 12,16 or 20gauges, side ejection,2 or 4 shot, 26 to32 inch barrel, various chokes, take down, pistol grip stock. Remington Model 31TC TRAP Similar to Model32A in 12 gauge only, 30 or 32 inch barrels, VT barrel milled out of one piece of steel, full choke, trap stock and beavertail forearm, recoil pad.100%-5, 98%-5, 95%-5, 90%-5, 80%-0, 70%-5 and 60%-0. The M31-TC is a great trap gun, but does not enjoy the same value and "collect-ability" factor as the Winchester Model 12.

I must say that I typically shoot a Remington 1100 in the field and not a serious skeet/trap shooter. I found the trigger pull arc to be unusual in the M31-TC (a schematic explains why). Relatively few M31s were made (approx 121,000 in 12 gauge), and the last one was made over 62 years ago.

Basically a couple times a year go out with some buddies for pheasant/quail so I apologize for my ignorance on the subject. Accordingly, spare parts for a M31 are difficult to source, should a repair be needed.

Depending upon condition of the metal, wood, and (especially) the bore, current prices could range between 0-00. Built like a tank, there isn't much that goes wrong as long as you keep it cleaned and lubed. Small gauge 11-48s can bring top dollar, but most 12 gauge 11-48s hover around 0. If it is a 1941 version I could be writing the check right now!!

Many were made across the 11-48, Sportsman 48, and Mohawk 48 series, from 1949-1968. There are three or four versions of the Model 31 -- 1931, 1934, 19.

With the introduction of the 1941 version of which at least 2/3s of the Model 31s are, they moved the trigger rearward making a much more comfortable grip.

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Had a new one on order from Numrich within three hours.

Guess that is the reason Remington went to the twin action bars on the Model 870. I'd love to share some with you guys so you could confirm/reject if it's worth. While I'm learning how to post photos to this chat, I uploaded to at the following address for anyone interested in seeing the two old Remingtons... ... Your 11-48 looks to be in nice original condition, used very little. It has been badly buffed and reblued, there is a chunk missing out of the back corner forearm and the wood has been refinished and a non-original recoil pad fitted to the stock.

Numrich has quite a few parts, but certainly not all, and it appeared from looking at their pages that if you need something for a smallbore it gets dicier. All kind of normal happenings to trap guns that get used.

Researcher01 - I would presume that I have a '1941' version since my S/N is #89980 with a barrel stamp of 'XSS' (which I gather from RSo A is December 1947).

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