Updating smoothwall kernel

Cent OS is an open source, community-supported and enterprise-ready distribution of Linux based on the publicly available sources of the commercial and highly acclaimed RHEL () operating system.

Besides being based on Red Hat, the project is also fully compatible with the award winning enterprise Linux distribution.

Key features include active development, easy maintenance, open management, community infrastructure, and open business model.

The distribution is suitable for long term use in production environments, deployed as a server.

It provides users and package maintainers with a friendly and familiar environment, as well as long-term support of the core and commercial support (offered by a partner vendor).

It is distributed as two installable-only DVDs, as well as minimal and netboot CD ISO images.

Among the included applications and packages, we can easily mention the Libre Office office suite, Mozilla Firefox web browser, GIMP image editor, Inkscape vector graphics editor, K3b CD/DVD burning software, Vim text editor, and Mozilla Thunderbird email client.Server-oriented packages include the Apache web server, My SQL and Postgre SQL database server, Open SSH and Open SSL tools for encrypted communication sessions, Perl, Python and PHP programming languages, Postfix email server, and Samba network sharing framework.As expected, the project provides support for multiple languages, and comes with built-in support for well known file systems, including EXT3 and EXT4.Summing up, Cent OS is a stable, reproducible, easy to maintain and supported Linux distribution specifically engineered to be deployed on enterprises' local servers, as well as behind firewall protections to secure sensitive data.Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a modern and all new Linus OS which is developed under the banner of Red Hat.Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is somewhat old but still it contains all those features which are not present in many of the new OS out there.This software was provided for free and it was distributed under the name of Red Hat Linux.Its distribution stopped in the early 2003 due to the starting of the Fedora Project along with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.It’s unique because it supports a number of computer platforms which includes IBM POWER, IBM System z platforms, 32bit and the 64 bit hardware platforms are also supported.Red Hat Enterprise Linux is developed in GNOME Classic graphical desktop environment which look old fashioned but it is handy in using as it provides users the comfort they need.It has some applications pre-installed in it which includes Libre Office, Office Suite, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, GIMP image editor etc.

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