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By now you’re wondering if you’ll ever make it back home from this seemingly endless voyage across the ocean. So it’s no mystery why someone who’s nickname is was the highest-budgeted music video ever produced at the time.

The sun is beating down through the holes on your tattered captain’s hat, and the seagulls flying above are beginning to look like hungry vultures. It used several locations, and required many costumes and dancers.

But don’t fear – you’ve got the smooth sounds of the Top 100 Yacht Rock countdown to keep you company. I’m sure they also had to throw a few bucks to Nicks and Buckingham to prevent them from killing each other. I didn’t want to be anywhere near him; I certainly didn’t want to be in his arms, If you watch the video, you’ll see I wasn’t happy.

So raise that sail a little higher, and pour yourself some bubbly. Have you read the other editions of the TOP 100 YACHT ROCK SONGS? And he wasn’t a very good dancer.” – Nicks Stevie Nicks had gone into rehabilitation for cocaine addiction.

Well, now’s your chance: Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #91-100 Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #81-90 Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #71-80 Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #61-70 Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #51-60 Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #41-50 Top 100 Yacht Rock Songs – #31-40 Real-life husband and wife duo, Captain & Tennille were such a sweet couple. The video shoot could not be rescheduled, and she had to take a break from rehab to film it.

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And pay no attention to him sneaking into her bedroom with a MAGIC (what!? The song was the only one to chart twice in the ’80s by the same artist, so just like Benny Mardones stalking your teenage daughter, he came back a second time after you already told him to Alan Parsons sure spends a lot of time chasing after someone he doesn’t want to be like. The mysterious dark figure could be one of three things: 1) A Burn Victim, in which case, shame on you for hating burn victims. Anyway, you be the judge: is probably the song equivalent of a man telling his wife that she needs to lose weight.In fact, you could almost say he’s obsessed with hatred. And I’ll tell you how that conversation ends: not well.There’s nothing worse than being hung up on a woman long after you’ve broken up, unless you’re in a new relationship while you’re trying to get over your old one. Listen to Some say this song received its name from the actress Rosanna Arquette, who was dating Toto keyboard player Steve Porcaro at the time, but DON’T ask her that.She says it’s the question she hates the most along with was simply about one of his first high school sweethearts, but he just tagged Rosanna’s name on there because it just fit perfectly for the song.Steve Porcaro and Rosanna Arquette broke up not long after this song was released.So, basically is the song equivalent of getting a tattoo of a guy you just met last week.Fun Trivia Fact: A young Patrick Swayze appears as one of the dancers in the video. Listen to …when you silently cruise out of the harbor at three in the morning and gently slide the body into the ocean.Miami Vice may have the most claim to this song, but the best use came from 2009’s The Hangover.Mike Tyson appears in a hotel room looking for his missing tiger.When the main characters walk in, Tyson is singing actually turned into an urban myth.The story is that Collins watched as a man who raped his wife drowned right in front of him. Love is hard work, dedication, thoughtfulness and loyalty.

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