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In psychology, a first impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person.

Solo experiences tend to facilitate local processing, causing the viewer to take a more critical look at the target.Thus, individuals are more likely to have negative first impressions than groups of two or more viewers of the same target.At the same time, individuals are more likely to experience an upward trend over the course of a series of impressions, e.g.individual viewers will like the final episode of a TV season more than the first even if it is really the same quality.When viewing the art in a joint context, participants evaluated the first and last pieces similarly in both kinds of sequence.Simply priming viewers to feel like they were in solo or joint contexts or to process analytically or holistically was enough to produce the same viewing effects.Collectivists are at ease as long as their impressions are largely in alignment with the larger group's impressions.When a collectivist wants to change his/her impression, he/she may be compelled to change the views of all group members.However, this could be challenging for collectivists, who tend to be less confrontational than individualists.Individualists are willing to change their own views at will and are generally more comfortable with uncertainty, which makes them naturally more willing to change their impressions.Research is mixed on whether national culture mediates the relationship between media richness and bias in impression formation. accent as significantly more positive than the applicant with the French accent due to perceived similarity to themselves.

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