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I'm new to this forum and have been looking all over the internet about possibly identifying this Fernandes guitar.I'm not particularly fond of guitars but it came to me as a family gift from my cousin.I honestly have no idea what kind of model it is I dont see the slightest hint at a model number on this guitar.All it has is a serial number which is: 036055and made in japan.

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The brand Burny was birth later by Fernandes as the division that made Gibson replicas.To date, both Fernandes and Burny are still making guitars just like their Tokai counterparts.When it began in the 70's, there were no problems with copyright issues.This saga only surfaced a decade later in the mid 80's when Fender and Gibson felt that their empire was threatened.To avoid the copyright war, Fernandes began to make changes to certain parts of their design like truss rod cover, shape etc.These modification taken on by Fernandes extended to both the Strat and Tele copies.After the lawsuit threats emerged, Fernandes most obvious change was to their headstock shapes - it was changed completely.The rare old Fender copies are extremely detailed, though no longer in production, can still be found in the vintage market.These vintage copies were commonly known as the “Revival” series.This name was given because they were essentially reviving the old classic Fenders. These alphabets stand for Fernandes Sound and Research Group.The headstock logo was design such that from a distance it looked just like a vintage Fender. For the Burnys, the LP models were given the name “Super Grade” instead of “Les Paul.” The wording were crafted to look just the words "Les Paul".

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