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Grades, friends, dating, competitive sports, family conflicts and other situations can be nerve-racking.

A psychiatrist, therapist or teen anxiety treatment program can determine if medication is appropriate.Biofeedback — During biofeedback sessions, sensors placed on the body measure how the individual responds to stress.Teens practice relaxation and breathing techniques and get feedback regarding their stress and anxiety levels.This type of treatment can be fun and highly effective for teens since it is similar to playing a computer game.Stress Management — Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises can help teens reduce stress.Other useful stress management techniques for teens include yoga, meditation, tai chi, Qigong, massage and acupuncture.Therapeutic Programs for Teens — Wilderness therapy programs and therapeutic boarding schools specialize in helping teenagers manage anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.These programs also work with families to improve the home environment and build strong relationships.Adolescence is meant to be a time of personal discovery, goal-setting and fun.Time is short, and a new set of challenges in young adulthood is coming right around the corner.If anxiety is preventing your teen from making the most of these precious years, find out how teen anxiety treatment can help.

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