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In September 1970, the first Virginia Slims tournament was played by a small group of women protesting at inequality in pay under the slogan "You've come a long way, baby".The same month Kimiko Date – now Date-Krumm since her marriage to the German racing driver Michael Krumm – was born in Kyoto; and no player of either sex has come further.Follow game-by-game coverage as Andy Murray attempts to reach the third round with a victory over Yen-Hsun Lu At 42, she is by far the oldest player on the circuit and in a match stretching across the generations she handed out a lesson in shot-making and artistry to the German teenager Carina Witthöft.It would be graceless to call it age versus beauty, but the manner of her remorseless 6-0, 6-2 victory in less than three-quarters of an hour must have cheered fortysomethings everywhere.Those Japanese supporters comprising the vast majority of the crowd on a heaving No 14 Court – hardly the ideal venue – were certainly delighted.Few, if any, Germans were in evidence and Witthöft must have found it a lonely place, packed crowd or not.

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Date-Krumm retired at the end of 1996 and did not return to court – aside from a brief doubles cameo in 2002 – until 2008.She expected her return to last no more than a year.Now she is enjoying playing so much, she says: "It's difficult thinking about stopping one day."She also had some advice for the Witthöfts of this world: "Tennis, it's more a mental sport, so they need more experience, a little bit more variation. I like the challenge because [it is] not easy for my age." It was today.Because now young players, they have so much power, but when the ball is coming, [they] just hit it. “I’ve never been a very responsible, game-plan type of girl,” says Constance Wu. When the Richmond, Virginia, native left New York in 2010 to pursue acting in L. “I impulsively booked a ticket the day after I was dumped by my boyfriend. I was like, ‘Let’s just see what happens.’” What eventually happened was Wu’s casting in the ABC comedy and plenty of critical acclaim: for example, E! The series is loosely based on a 2013 memoir by chef Eddie Huang about growing up with his immigrant Chinese parents, Louis and Jessica, in Orlando, Florida.Wu plays the strong-willed matriarch married to the aspiring restaurateur (Randall Park).As the family works to get their steak eatery off the ground, their eldest of three boys, Eddie (Hudson Yang), struggles to fit into his non-Asian environment.At the time she read for the role, Wu was auditioning for every possible pilot, but Jessica stood out.“She’s such an interesting lady,” Wu says of the real-life Jessica Huang.“She’s loud; she has big, curly hair; she wears miniskirts, smokes Virginia Slims.She may be the first person I’ve met who smokes Virginia Slims.

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