Updating ranches

2-22-18 Today Ist National Bank of Omaha cut it's ties with the NRA.

Send a check to the NRA to support their efforts to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and stop voting for Democratic/Socialist candidates.1-26-18 Well it has been a while since I posted anything here, I'll try to do better this year.1st lets start with a few comments about some of my favorite people, the dolts at CPW.This year they have a whole new plan to screw up the limited license drawing.There are at least 7 steps in the new plan you need to be aware of.One part of the plan that looks like it might be good is that you no longer have to send in license fee money with your application.You'll have to have a credit card on file for them to charge you if you're sucessful in the drawing.It's pretty dry in Colorado right now with our snow pack being below normal.Hopefully we will get some more snow or much needed rains this spring.Anybody that is interested in a hog hunt in Texas, we have hunts available. It's a good way to break up the winter and hopefully put some meat in your freezer. If you were betting on Atlanta, you probably thought you had it made at the start of the 4th. Our new President is sure getting beat up by the media and all of the pencil necked, Kool-aid drinking, whining, welfare recipient, dope smoking, communists. And I think when his immigration policy reaches the Supreme Court it will uphold him.Another question I have is why do the people of Arizona keep re-electing that dip stick, John Mc Cain?

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  1. band and writer/director of the movie "Lightning Bug" in which Hal plays Deputy Dale, posted to Hal's Lair last night having just returned from a Popshots/Hal's birthday gig (he turned 34 yesterday).