Updating formware

The following content is to help you update the firmware by yourself.If errors occur when performing the firmware update, there are instances where the camera cannot be started; therefore, please read the precautionary notes carefully before starting the firmware update.In addition, this firmware update can also be performed at our service centers.If you wish to have us perform the firmware updates, please contact our service centers.

Note Please check the serial number on the bottom of the camera.

Serial numbers Products whose fifth digit from the left is 0 or 1 are affected.

****0***** ****1***** Among products with the serial numbers described above, if there is a marking inside the battery cover like the one in the image below, the issue has already been corrected by correction firmware, and you may continue to use your camera as is with no further action required.

Marking Position In addition, products whose fifth digit from the left is 2 or above are already equipped with correction firmware; therefore, this phenomenon does not apply.

Hack RF devices ship with firmware on the SPI flash memory and with a bitstream programmed onto the CPLD.

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