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Such as - obesity, anorexia, marriages (types of marriages) itd what else? nothing like that now and it is destroying our world .... What ecological problems are the most serious in your country? A) the level of trust between them will always remain, at best, tenuous B) they weren’t able to agree on the subject C) they will eventually reach an agreement D) it is impossible for him to succeed E) the president unexpectedly rejected it 1.

The main problem of development - corruption The most pressing problems of modern society is the corruption of power, poor quality of life (for our country), but the most important thing for me is to replace the moral values of material - this situation is going on in the world ((((((This is very painful - all in the world now think that money can everything and everyone, but Wedboo it is not - UNDERSTAND! Waning family institution and comprehensive corruption. What can teenagers do to make their hometown cleaner? Since flu viruses have been shown to be one of the major causes of bronchitis, ----.

Where was your honor and conscience - for our ancestors, these concepts are often cost lives - remember the great days of the Middle Ages - the times of knightly honor! Would you like to live in a big city or in the country, why? A) acute and chronic bronchitis were both thought to be inflammations of the air passages B) infants, young children, and the elderly are more likely to get the disease C) The American Lung Association estimates that about 14 million Americans suffer from the disease D) getting a flu vaccine may also help prevent acute bronchitis E) the fever and most other symptoms, except the cough, disappear after three to five days 2.

wars era when for the homeland and Friends grenade exploded in his hands, closed their friends and fought to the last! No one has no idea what the words mean the greatest such as LOVE! ---- who hides his powers beneath the persona of Clark Kent, a mild-mannered newspaper reporter A) Superman was played in the movies most famously by actor Christopher Reeve B) One of the most beloved characters in comic book history C) Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster for National Comics D) Superman came to Earth as a baby from the planet Krypton E) Superman is a seemingly immortal, superhuman comic-strip character created in the late 1930s 3.

“The Mail” is the most serious of the tabloids, with its well-written articles. Even though the two parties appear united in negotiations, ----.

i (not to know) about you,but i (to go) out to the cinema. “The Express” has a reputation for its lively writing and “no nonsense” reporting.

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A) Space agency officials would not disclose who was ill or what the problem was B) U. space shuttle Atlantis arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday C) NASA rules prevent much disclosure about astronaut health problems D) Schlegel flew on a shuttle in 1993 and was scheduled to take part in two of the three spacewalks planned for this mission E) A similar tear occurred on a shuttle flight in June, and NASA sent out a spacewalking astronaut 4. A) that it is one of the most favorite games today B) to whom we are really grateful since we have great time playing it C) but you had to be very good at playing guitar in order to participate D) you could have played even if you didn’t have a guitar E) where you have to play a "guitar" in time with many well known tracks 5.----, the debate over the best plan of attack to solve the problem is far from settled.A) Much as there are many good sides of using bio fuels B) Because global warming is the biggest problem of our era C) Though the existence of global warming is indisputable at this point D) Despite of the fact that the authorities tried best ways to solve the pollution problem E) No matter what we have done so far about the problems reflected to us archaeological sites of Great Britain in Stonehenge.The huge stones of Stonehenge were transported from Wales and set up in a circle on Salisbury Plain.One of the mysteries in hjw it was ever built with the technjljgy of that time. It appears yo function as a kind of astronomical clk and we know it was used by the Druids for ceremonis marking the passing of the seasons/ Nowadays every year thjusands of young people go to Stonehenge to take part in the midsummer Druids festival, dut only a small numder of people are allowed near the circle of sttones.Stonehenge in fenced off to protect in from damage. is one of the most serious and dangerous world problems of our day.2) Protect The young woman didnt know where to look for...3) Prohibit Smoking is strictly the office.4) Recycle A lot of litter can be recycled in the ...centre.Online dating is very common these days and more and more people are using the Internet to find their soulmate or just to make new friends.But finding a good Dating service sometimes is difficult.Thanks to Best Aussie Dating sites in 2018, you can easily find the online dating site that suits you best, and, in that way, find your perfect match or meet someone special.Browse our ranking of the best Australian dating sites and find yours!

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