Love2love dating

This is a dating service for people in the United Kingdom. Some of the sites connected to Shag Hunt include, Casual No, Love2uk, Senior Kissing, Singles, Fifty Any evidence we find will be included in our investigation that you can read below.

This is done for a specific reason and that reason being that no women would bother contacting, emailing or sending instant messages to a guy who doesn't have any pictures or info on his profile.

But, as you will see in this investigation the exact opposite happened.

This would be considered strike number one against Shag Hunt.

Does it make any sense to you that we're getting flooded with email messages from hot looking girls with naked photos in their profiles, of course not!

How is it possible that we received 17 emails from scantily clad and many times nude women? Below you can see a screenshot of the various emails that we received while on this dating service.

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