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Please avoid strong language too when chatting in Tamil chat room.Sexual talk is not allowed and any form of harassment like stalking, communal talk etc is also strictly prohibited in Tamil chat room.Chat in Tamila chat room today and discover the fun and enjoyment of it today!Chatting on Tamila chat room is entirely free – no charge is imposed. Sign up to Tami chat room and begin making cool new friends who may have similar interests with you.Whether you want to make long lasting friendships or just to pass time, Tamil chat is the ideal one stop place for you to do so!Chilling new details have emerged in the death of a Dutch teen model, who was found naked after plunging 14 floors to her death following a 'drug-fueled swingers party' in an American couple's apartment in Malaysia.Ivana Smit, 18, was building a successful career as a model in Kuala Lumpur when she plunged to her death on December 7, in what local cops called a drug and booze-fueled accident.Now British private investigator Mark Williams-Thomas, best known for exposing BBC presenter Jimmy Savile as a pedophile, says his findings indicate the death should be treated as a homicide.A newly released surveillance photo also sheds light on Ivana's final hours, showing her being carried out of a club in the arms of the man whose apartment she fell from later that morning.Meanwhile, Dutch pathologist Frank van de Goot, who carried out the second postmortem on Ivana, says the lack of blood at the scene of the fall suggests the young model was dead before she fell.Ivana also had bruises to her upper arms not caused by the fall, suggesting a struggle took place, van de Goot told the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf.

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