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You know the old cliché that it “seems like yesterday and “but it does and it’s a very exciting moment to be here getting ready to Watch Creed 2 to commence filming. The actors and production team has been waiting a long Time for this film to start , so ladies and gentlemen get ready to watch the fists start FLYING!

#MGM #rockybalboa #CREED2 A post shared by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on Creed 2 completes a successful first week of production in Philadelphia, specifically this week at Sun Center Studios, in Aston, Pa.

Sylvester Stallone, creator, writer and star celebrated the kick off of the production with a series of instagram posts announcing that we’re all in for a treat with Creed 2.

Stallone posted several videos from the Sun Center Studios , where they are filming for the first two weeks, with the actual ring their using in the movie.

This week Creed 2 filmed many of the boxing scenes, which I told you about last week.

Michael B Jordan (Adonis Creed), and Florian Munteanu (Viktor Drago) have been working out like beasts at the Sporting Club, and gyms near their homes in Philly, leading up to this week so they would be in tip top physical shape for the fighting scenes.

So Tuesday and Wednesday they were doing Adonis Creed fight scenes with boxers which would lead up to the big fight with Viktor Drago.

She’s in town to reprise her role as Ludmilla Drago in Creed 2.Nielsen famously played Ivan Drago’s (Dolph Lundgren) wife in Rocky IV, which may even make her the mother of Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu).I had a chance to chat with Gitte at baggage claim where she told me that she was in town to film scenes for Creed 2, without going into too much detail.She did say it was her first time in Philly, and was looking to enjoy some of Philly’s fine cuisine and try and cheesesteak. She was sweet, tipped the lady who pushed her and gave her a big hug goodbye.PS I wrote this for Friday and since then I’ve chatted with a few people who were extras in the the scenes this week.They told me that Gitte had a few scenes (Thursday and Friday), they couldn’t hear what she was saying in the scene, but when she left for the day she said goodbye to everyone in the “stands” and in return everyone clapped and cheered.They’ll see her this week as well as they are filming the finale as well. The first few days she was in town she did rehearsal and costume fittings before showing up on set Friday.She’s also scheduled for Monday, by the looks of how much luggage her husband wheeled to the waiting SUV she plans to head out on the town a few times as well.Also on set this week was Phylicia Rashad who plays Adonis Creed’s step mother in Creed & now in Creed 2 as well.I hear she was super nice even though every film day this week was 10-12hrs. Huxtable visit her former co-star Bill Cosby as his trial begins tomorrow in Norristown, Pa.I expect her to visit her favorite nail salon at 18th & Sansom Streets.

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