Facts on dating violence

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Although women are more likely to experience relationship abuse at the hands of their husbands or boyfriends, they aren't the only group subject to intimate partner violence, according to the National Violence Against Women Survey.Men in heterosexual relationships and partners in same-sex couples can also experience intimate partner violence.Relationship abuse is not limited to adults; teens are also are subject to dating violence.Just because your partner doesn't hit, punch or slap you doesn't mean that relationship abuse isn't happening.Several different types of relationship abuse exist, which include physical forms as well as sexual and emotional forms of relationship abuse.Sexual violence happens when one person uses physical force against another to force a sexual act or to force a sexual act when the other person is unable to say "no" because of mental limitations or impairments from drug or alcohol use.Sexual violence also includes any unwanted sexual contact.Emotional abuse includes verbal threats, humiliation, forced isolation from friends or family and controlling behaviors.Stalking by physically following or watching someone, sending unwanted gifts, making unwanted phone calls or sending unwanted electronic communications, is a type of relationship abuse.This doesn't mean that a person is stalking someone if, for example, one of the partners texts the other partner once or twice when the other person would rather that she didn't.Stalking includes repeated unwanted contact that is of a harassing or threatening nature.

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