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combines an exclusive collection of live concert recordings with a massive inventory of authentic collectible music merchandise from the 1950s right up to today.Browsing this vast and historic archive is a must for musicians and music fans alike.Wolfgang's was created in 2003 after purchasing the archives of famed concert promoter Bill Graham (born Wolfgang Grajonca).The collection not only included all of the concert memorabilia from the Bay Area dating back to the 1960s, but also the master recordings of these shows.

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Any analysis of Morse’s music will reveal plenty of advanced concepts and useful ideas that you can explore, as his style employs some of the strongest components of music theory and composition, including a complete command of chord voicings, chord progressions, and voice leading.These three areas of music theory can be grouped together and related to the overall subject of contrapuntal motion, or the individual note movements between chords in a progression.There are four types of movement found in contrapuntal theory, all of which Morse routinely employs in his playing.They are: Parallel Motion A chord progression or movement where the voices (notes) move in the same direction and maintain the same intervallic distance.Similar Motion A progression or movement where the voices move in the same direction, but the intervallic distance between the notes changes.Contrary Motion Voices move in opposite directions.Oblique Motion One voice moves while another voice remains the same.This is also known as “droning.”To begin, the first section demonstrates an overview of parallel motion using basic power chords and slash chords [Examples 1a and 1b], while Ex.1c is similar to what Morse plays in Dregs classics such as “Punk Sandwich” and “Perpetual Reality.”The next area of chord movement to explore involves the similar motion principle, and you can find a good example of this concept in Examples 2a and 2b.This features a very common sound found in traditional classical music, but you can also hear this idea in Morse’s music, including his fret-melting classically themed anthem “Tumeni Notes.”Contrary motion is found in the classical and jazz music that influenced Morse.The idea of arranging voices that move independently can be thought of as counterpoint, but we’re focusing on the individual note movement between the chords of a progression here.

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