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It never ceases to amaze me how many so-called "White Nationalists" have such a difficult time telling a White Caucasian from a Semitic Jew.While in my opinion a lot of these so-called WNists are probably "trolls" from the many various anti-racist and communist groups "stirring the shit" so to speak, it's unfortunate but no doubtedly the truth that a large percentage of the people attracted to fringe movements such as White Nationalism are in fact pretty fucking stupid.Below is a list I painfully and meticulously have been keeping and adding when necessary for many months now.It is a list of Jewish people, celebrities mostly but also well known Jewish people.While by no means the be all, end all document of the Jewish people, it's basically a list I compiled of people who are Jewish as well as having Jewish origins and most importantly thanks to and a bunch of idiots who call themselves "White Nationalists" who ask that all important question "I just read Jackie Chan is Jewish, is it true?", I've listed the many non-Jewish people who are often associated with being Jewish by various White Pride websites.Everybody listed can be verified via various official websites, proof provided if requested.I will be adding and updating in the future, feel free to add but warning this isn't Stormfront, if you're dumb enough to add Andy Griffith or Kenny Rogers I will not be very nice in my reply... Bud Abbot was a half or full Jew depending on source, Lou Costello was not Jewish)Paula Abdul - (singer/American Idol judge...

Who and starred in horror films, convert to Catholicism, at one time a monk)John Banner (co-star of Hogan's Heroes)Roseanne Barr (comedienne)Richard Belzer (comedian/star of Law & Order)Ike Barenholtz Richard Benjamin (director/actor)Jack Benny (legendary comedian)Robby Benson (very popular actor in the 70s)Dave Berg (cartoonist for Mad magazine)Mary Kay Bergman (female voice on South Park, killed herself in 1999)Elizabeth Berkley (Showgirls star)David Berkowitz (serial killer...adopted at birth by Jewish family and Jews typically claim he's not Jewish although he's clearly a Semite, while on death row has claimed to be a born-again Christian)Sandra Bernhard (comedienne/actress)Bonnie Bernstein (ESPN sportscaster)Leonard Bernstein (composer)Joe Besser (3 Stooges)Joey Bishop Jack Black (comedian, star of Rock School, Shallow Hal, The Cable Guy and others)Lewis Black Selma Blair (actress)Mel Blanc (famous cartoon voice)Franz Boaz (anthropologist)Helena Bonham-Carter (actress, Jewish mother...raised Catholic)Tom Bosley (star of Happy Days)Elaine Boosler (stand-up comic)Victor Borge (comedian)Jonathon Brandis (young actor, hung himself)David Brenner (comedian)Fanny Brice Adrian Brody (star of The Pianist, King Kong, many more)Albert Brooks (comedian/actor)Mel Brooks (comedian/director)Brother Theodore (very strange comedian, does cartoon voices)Lenny Bruce (stand up comic)Dr.

Judy Brown (radio psychiatrist)Brooke Burke (model)Sarah Burke (reality TV star)Milton Burle (legendary comedian)George Burns (legendary comedian)Red Buttons (comedian/actor)James Caan (actor)Sid Caesar (legendary comedian/tv personality)Eddie Cantor Al Capp Jack Carter Emanuelle Chriqui Marcia Clark (attorney in OJ Simpson case)Andrew Dice Clay (stand-up comic born Andrew Silverstein)Lee J.

Cobb (tv actor)The Coen Brothers (directors of Fargo, Raising Arizona, Where Art Thou Brother?

, and more)Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G and Borat of HBO)Sasha Cohen (figure skater)Didi Cohn (co-star of Grease)Mindy Cohn (star of The Facts of Life)David Copperfield (magician)Howard Cossell (sports commentator)Billy Cristal (comedian/actor)Norm Crosby David Cross (stand-up comic, appears 1/2 black but not sure)Rodney Dangerfield (comic/actor)Larry David (comedian/sitcom creator)Cecil B.

De Mille (director, Episcopalian convert)Dustin Diamond Selma Diamond (actress from Night Court)Benjamin Disraeli (prime-minister of Great Britain, Anglican convert)Kirk Douglas (actor)Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live comedienne)Fran Drescher (star of The Nanny)Richard Driefuss (actor)Herb Edelman Albert Einstein (physicist)Bob Einstein (aka Super Dave)Fredrich Engels (associate of Karl Marx)Max Factor Corey Feldman (80s actor)Marty Feldman (actor/comedian, star of Young Frankenstein, born in England)Michael Feldman Arthur Fiedler (conductor)Jay Fiedler (Miami Dolphins/NY Jets quarterback, grandson of Arthur)Eddie Fisher (actor)Joely Fisher Tricia Leigh Fisher Norman Fell (Mr.

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  1. When the computer surveillance department of an international bank in Shanghai monitored and spread the contents of private online chat of a female employee, it undoubtedly violated her right to privacy.