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VK's headquarters is located in the Singer House, one of Saint Petersburg's historical landmarks.

The top five floors of the building are occupied by VK with the bottom two containing the famous "House of Books" bookstore.

The company also has a representative office in Moscow.

At Today Translations, we offer professional Hebrew translation services for any language combination, including Hebrew-to-English and Hebrew-to-Arabic translation.

Whether your Hebrew translation need is large or small, at Today Translations we are happy to assist you with your translation needs.

Our Hebrew translation team consists of many experienced document translators who specialise in translating various certified documents including birth certificates, marriages certificates and divorce decrees, transcripts and diplomas.

At Today Translations we continue to invest in technology and in and streamlining our services and delivery.

We aim to provide the very highest level of professional translation and as a result, we are able to offer Hebrew translation and interpretation, voice-over services, telephone interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, typesetting services and more.

– Hebrew is an official language of the state of Israel. – The earliest Hebrew writing dating around 925-900 BCE is the Gezer calendar.However, recent discoveries have shown that the language could have been present as far back as 3,000 years ago.– The language of Hebrew is a Western Semitic language coming from the Afro Asiatic language family.– The modern word “Hebrew” is derived from the word “Ibri” (plural “Ibrim”) one of several names for the Jewish people.– It’s often referred to as "The Holy Language" among Israelis.– Israel is a leading force in water conservation, geothermal energy and software in the world.This gives Israel strong business links internationally, meaning a certain need for translation.Click here to get in touch We were overall delighted with the standard of service and Today Translations delivered, in terms of translation quality, time and attentive customer care.They were highly responsive, creative and were central to the success of the translation and quality assurance process.The project managers we dealt with were collaborative and operated very much as part of the team.I would commend our experience of working with Today Translations to other organisations requiring professional translation services.

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