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And you can get yourself into the company of others with the same goal, you will not be single for long. Couples from work were already thinking of entering the couples contests and other people were talking more about the gourmet food that would be served at the charity ball. Thomas gave me my ticket, i really didn't feel like accepting it. The elevator was just about closing, before i quickly stepped inside and was stared at by a bunch of girl coworkers. I groaned and Miranda frowned "Well, honey, we're just saying! I stopped to ask Carrie if i could buy another ticket for Jane but she was already overflowing with calls. She found him in bed with another girl, signed the divorce papers and leaves. Elizabeth Clark's parents had made an arrangement that there daughter would marry a wealthy CEO. Not to mention, when i came home, my mom hid my Ipad AGAIN, so i couldn't update then either. This chapter is dedicated to @catstar32, for being one of my very first readers! People at work were already talking about the Masquerade ball and talking about who was going to be there, what they were going to wear, the contests, the auctions and the masquerade ball dances. Thomas smiled "I think he's impressed by your assistant skills. " "Yup" i laughed nervously "Assistant skills" Sure, sure. I slipped my ticket in my bag and then ran out the office. Miranda and her friends were all ' Traditional' types of woman and i knew they would tell me something like that. I shook my head and just as the elevator stopped at the lobby, i ran out to avoid any other ' Suggestions' from Miranda. March break is finally over and i know i should've been updating more, but my parents had sent me to a camp for the last few days of March break, so i didn't get a lot of things done. Thomas did let us leave early which was the only good part of the day at work. They were probably going to tell me that it was kind of weird that i was 21 and wasn't married. There's no joy in living alone" "I don't have to get married to have children" I glared "I can always just adopt" "Whatever you say" Miranda shrugged and turned back towards her friends who whispered their disagreements.Sure, the ticket looked pretty fancy, with a purple mask in the middle and a starry night background with the information of the ball standing out in white. When Carrie finally finished her last call, she smiled at me "What can i do for you Elizabeth?But after the Nightclub incident, I'd think that was enough partying to last me a lifetime. " "I just wanted to buy anither ticket for the masquerade charity ball" I sakd taking out my wallet and hoping i had enough money. That'll be " Carrie said and handed me a ticket. "Well, you know honey, you're already 21..i right? If this was going where i going, i didn't want to hear it. A woman i knew who's name was Miranda cleared her throat.Thankfully, i had gone to the bank for a while and had some money with me in my wallet. I turned around and she gestured to a small display that was beside her.I handed Carrie the money and took Janes ticket and put it into my bag. It was a small MASKS display and there were only 3 masks left "Would you like to buy a mask? There was a white mask with floral designs on it, a purple one with circus designs on it, and a black one.They weren't as complicated as Jane's sister's mask, but they were beautifully simple.

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