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Some ' SUPERSTAR' trending when spotted holidaying in Hawaii while a man #Christian Bale quitely enjoyong his holidays somewhere near. FWAX5SXNA "Me, my main challenge, when I start a shoot, is to get rid of the previous character, which I interpreted for weeks, even months. And here, I'll have to kill Cheney to become the Englishman that I play in my next film ... Deuxième fois, j’ai envie de replonger dans cette grande histoire et rien que pour revoir le regard perçant de Christian Bale.

May be no one cares because he is there with his wife whom he married 18 years ago, not a wife who had no way but to divorce him a year ago🤷‍♀️. Hostiles c'est du très très grand cinéma, le meilleur de 2018. De la réalisation à la bo c'est absolument magistral. Puis cette grande scène finale sublime qui restera comme une de mes fin préférées. Dy H The Prestige ( 2006) The New World ( 2005) Reign of Fire (2002) And most of his films in 90's Its been more than a decade since he played a non-american character, so yes its hard to rember. “I envy people who have roots because I do not have any. I believe this nomadic way of life has shaped me, and ultimately helped become an actor.” Christian Bale interview with @lesinrocks for the French release of ‘Hostiles’: “If I sympathize with other actors, I can not play anymore.”…

I was born in Wales, but I did not grow up there and have no ties to it.

Over the past month, a crackdown by Burma’s military has forced more than 400,000 Rohingya Muslims from Rakhine state to flee to neighboring Bangladesh in what the UN human-rights chief has called a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” The military crackdown was prompted by an attack August 25th by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), a Muslim militant group with reported links to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, on security outposts.

The international community has condemned the violence unleashed by the Burmese military on Rohingya civilians.

It has also voiced sharp criticism of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel laureate and de-facto Burmese leader, for, in the view of her critics, not doing enough to protect the Rohingya, who have been stateless for more than three decades.

But where humanitarian groups and Western nations see the world’s most persecuted minority, the government of Burma (also known as Myanmar) and an overwhelming majority of its people see a foreign group with a separatist agenda, fueled by Islam, and funded from overseas. “We in the international community see the Rohingya as innocent people who just want to call themselves a name and who are uniquely abused for it.

But to people in Myanmar, the name suggests something much more.”Tensions between the Bengali-speaking Muslims and Buddhists in Rakhine state have existed for decades—some would say centuries—but the most significant inflection point came in 1982 when Burma’s junta passed a law that identified eight ethnicities entitled to citizenship.* The Rohingya were not among them, though they had enjoyed equal rights since Burma became independent from British rule in 1948.

Almost overnight, they were stripped of their citizenship.

In the years since then, the Rohingya were persecuted, steadily lost their rights, and were the victims of violence.

The worst of this violence erupted in 2012 following the rape of a Buddhist woman allegedly by Muslim men.

That prompted massive religious violence against the Rohingya, forcing 140,000 of them into camps for internally displaced people.

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  1. “Patti has built her brand and reputation on bringing people together and that’s exactly in line with the brand we’ve cultivated at WE tv,” said Marc Juris, WE tv’s president.“She is the perfect personality to help us continue to solidify our place in the relationship and dating space, and it couldn’t come at a more exciting time as more viewers are engaging with our shows and personalities across platforms.

  2. A scandal over sexual abuse in the foreign aid industry that began with Oxfam spread Wednesday, as French group Doctors Without Borders revealed it had fired 19 staff last year for harassment or abuse.