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Rapper Danny Brown has sparked controversy by allegedly allowing a female fan to perform oral sex on him during a recent concert in Minneapolis with fellow rapper Kitty Pryde saying the incident shows a double standard of sexual assault toward males.'I was right behind the girl and saw everything,' a gig-goer reported on, going on to say that 'all night Danny had been going up to the crowd and having random girls touch his [crotch] through his pants.

' Controversial: Rapper Danny Brown, seen here performing at Coachella in California last month, apparently received oral sex against his will from a female fan while onstage at a recent gig in Minneapolis 'What was Danny supposed to do other than back away, which he did?

And if he had figured out a way to gently push the girl off him immediately without looking like he was smacking her in the face, he’s faced with attacks on his masculinity by every douchebro in the building.'Pryde even referenced literary classic To Kill A Mockingbird, saying she was sure 'this girl will never be brought to justice anywhere …

My friend told me she’s friends with Danny Brown and went to college at 16, which seems crazy Both things your friend told you are true.

I’ve only heard Orion’s Belt and wasn’t really feeling her verse/voice I’m just curious about this little lady and everyone’s opinion on her.

I think she has a lot of talent and some interesting ideas and her music is fun/interesting to follow.

Does she delete her previous post every time she uploads a new one?

i enjoyed reading it even if it got a little sappy at the end also just read the Danny Brown interview and he implies they’ve fucked…

kinda creepy but I really can’t blame him and she did an EP with a couple of her friends that’s linked on her Tumblr.

All of her shit from before Orion’s Belt and some of the stuff probably from after it is mixed horribly cause they just recorded it in Garageband.

And I think she’s dating some producer called Hot Sugar but if she and Danny Brown fucked more power to them. Not only is she named after an X-men, she seems like the type of girl who would be more likely to be a singer in some indie band at a coffee shop, yet shes a rapper.

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